Banff Mountain Film Festival Tour - UK and Ireland

29th Mar 2015

*The organisers of the festival have kindly given us 2 sets of tour tickets to give away.  Please check our Latest News page here for details.
The Banff Mountain Film Festival is a legendary event held each year in the Canadian Rockies.  It attracts crowds from around the world and is considered by many to be the flagship international film festival.  A number of years ago the organisers introduced a touring version that has now grown in popularity to such an extent that it travels to a host of countries and is attended by many thousands each year.
Luckily for us UK and Ireland folk, we have great access to this event as each year the Banff Mountain Film Festival Tour - UK and Ireland, hits the road to visit a whole range of venues.  Peak Mountaineering started collaborating with the organisers a few years ago and it is an event we are absolutely delighted to support because the range of films is fantastic and the organisation is faultless - if the tour inspires existing adventurers to stretch their own boundaries and introduces new people to the outdoor world we are always going to be big fans.  Luckily, the event is also much more than that - it also offers the opportunity for like minded folk to get together, share a beer and a story, laugh together and maybe even share a few gasps of amazement as the films work their magic.  It's a great way to spend an evening.
We are delighted to be collaborating with the tour again in 2015 and the programme looks like being about the best yet.  There are 2 sets of films on different dates and at a wide variety of venues across the UK and Ireland.  It really should be on everyone's 2015 to do list.  There are too many films on the programme to list them all but here's a few (of the many on offer) Peak Mountaineering top picks that we've either seen before or heard great things about......
This looks really good.  Over a four year period climber Jeremy Colin's embarks on four worldwide adventures which, as well as being cutting edge in their own right, also lead him on an unexpected voyage of personal discovery.
Valley Uprising: Stonemasters
If you have any prior interest in the history of Yosemite climbing (or, to be honest, even if you don't) then you'll lap this up.  Focussed on the 1970's explosion of valley free climbing, Stonemasters tells the story behind some of the world's most groundbreaking ascents in an engaging way that combines historic footage with photos and interviews with many of the lead activists from the period.  A must see.
Wild Women: Faith Dickey
Faith Dickey is a multiple world record holding slackliner with a long list of achievements.  She also has a great attitude to life and a brilliant sense of humour.  Laugh along as Faith shares her world.
Speedriding, if you've heard of it (we certainly hadn't until now), combines elements of skiing and parachute flight giving its practitioners access to some incredible terrain.  This film follows a team pushing the boundaries in a remote part of Alaska.
Tasha And The Monk
This film looks like it will be a really moving watch.  It follows Tashi, a new arrival at an orphanage in a remote Himalayan community, as she struggles to settle into her changed life.  The film shows her transformation as she seeks to make her first real friend.  The film won the best mountain culture film at the Banff festival.
Into The Empty Quarter
A classic low budget, hastily arranged epic adventure featuring Alastair Humphreys and Leon McCarron.  Their objective is to follow in the footsteps of legendary explorer Wilfred Thesiger on one of his journey routes through the world's largest desert: the Empty Quarter of the Arabian Peninsula.  To up the ante the duo, unable to afford camels, instead hope to drag a homemade steel cart filled with 300kgs of supplies!
That's a taste of a much broader programme (although please bear in mind that the exact selection depends on which programme option you select).  Full details on all the films can be found on the festival website here.
In the meantime, the festival trailer should whet the appetite nicely.......

Posted by Paul