Top Gear #10 Nalgene Cantene

29th Dec 2014

The biggest problem with camping (or staying in snow shelters, cold weather bivvy's or mountain huts) in the mountains?  Could it be sleeping on a skinny camp mat?  The basic food?  Finding a comfortable camping spot?  Well, of course, they are all factors to consider, but actually one real pain is climbing out of your toasty sleeping bag for a wee in the middle of the night.
The answer is simple.  Avoid having to head out in the rain, snow, wind or general grimness by investing in a pee bottle. Of course, getting into a suitable peeing position for men isn't too difficult (roll over on your side or get up on your knees).  For ladies positioning is trickier and I can't offer too much help here except to say many female mountain goers have found the Shewee to be a good option (although not every woman I've talked to seems to find it works too well for them).  
Of course the next consideration is what type of bottle you select.  Standard wide mouth Nalgene bottles work well but they are bulky to carry.  Far easier, in my opinion,  is to use a wide mouthed flexible drink bladder and the best I've used is what becomes Peak Mountaineering's 10th Top Gear choice.
For night time peeing choose the Nalgene Cantene.  Basically, this is a wide mouthed Nalgene opening incorporated into a flexible and collapsible bladder.  They can be bought in various sizes (I choose a 48oz/1.4 litre option for plenty of capacity), they have a solid reliable screw top closure and they have a fold out base which allows it to stand up in the corner of your tent after use.
Even better, of course, once you've emptied it each morning it can be rolled up to next to nothing and, at around 50 grams, it isn't a hassle to carry.  The only possible down side to the Nalgene Cantene is that, at somewhere near £14.00, they are fairly costly.  Having said that, I guarantee that it will feel worth every penny each time it allows you to stay in that cosy sleeping bag! Happy peeing :)
The video below shows the 96oz size but you'll get the idea......
Posted by Paul