Top Gear #9 Beal Assure Max Gloves

15th Oct 2014

I'm sure everyone would agree that gloves are an outdoor essential and undoubtedly, if you dabble in different outdoor activities, you'll build up quite a collection.  From insulated to waterproof and protective to fingerless......what's not to love about a decent glove!  We have a few boxes overflowing with different models in the Peak Mountaineering storeroom but the one that gets most use is just about the simplest one of all.

Peak Mountaineering's 9th Top Gear choice is an unassuming leather glove made by Beal.  The Beal Assure Max is constructed from a single layer of leather with reinforcement on the palm, a slightly elasticated cuff to keep them in place and a hang loop to clip them to a harness.  That's all their features but they still serve me well in so many circumstances.  For any guiding activities where ropes are used a lot they are indispensable, they keep my hands warm enough in cool weather, they are dexterous enough for using with climbing equipment and they are virtually indestructible. They are also, at about £24, cheap when compared to many others on the market.

I'm on my second pair of Assure's but each pair has lasted several seasons.  I also really like them as they age because the soft leather gradually moulds to your hand shape making them more and more comfy.  They aren't waterproof but adding a layer of wax proofing makes them reasonably water resistant so I don't shy away from using them in damp conditions or winter. There is also enough room inside them for a thin power stretch liner glove which increases their temperature range.

Beal Assure Max's are my very favourite gloves and the ones I always turn to if the conditions make them a suitable choice.  I buy mine from the excellent online retailer Facewest but you can find them in other places.  The proofing I use is Hestra's superb glove wax which you can buy from Edge&Wax

Posted by Paul