Top Read #9 Rock Climbing

26th Sep 2014

There have been several must read texts for instructors and beginner climbers over the years. The bookshelves in our office are stacked with them. For years my 'go to' all encompassing text was the iconic Mountaincraft and Leadership by Eric Langmuir. Then several years ago Mountain Training developed a series of instructional texts that have now become the modern benchmark. They are all excellent and we have well thumbed copies of them all.  However, for this Peak Mountaineering Top Read we have selected the one that ticks all the right boxes for everyone from those starting out in rock climbing right through to climbers taking instructional qualifications or anyone moving into more adventurous multi-pitch climbing terrain.
'Rock Climbing' by Libby Peter is now in it's second edition and it's an absolutely brilliant resource.  Clear explanations, good photographs and diagrams, concise information delivery and relevant content make this the benchmark for other instructional books to follow. 
You want to know how to tie an Alpine Butterfly, understand more about access issues, learn how to abseil past a knot or increase your familiarity with protection types.  Rock Climbing has everything you need to know......and a whole lot more that you didn't even realise you needed to know!  It deserves to be on every recreational climbers bookshelf and is an essential for instructors. It has something for everyone and Libby, as a very experienced guide, is well placed to write it. Rock Climbing becomes Peak Mountaineering's Top Read #7.