Peak Mountaineering Winter Courses 2015

23rd Sep 2014


We have a long history of delivering the highest quality winter training courses and adventures.  We have worked with hundreds of clients and shared amazing experiences - and for the winter season of 2015 things are going to be even better.  Peak Mountaineering's 2015 winter courses are all about great choice, amazing value, great facilities and the best possible quality of instruction............


We know winter activities can be expensive.  By the time transport, accommodation, equipment and the course fee are factored in the costs certainly mount up.  We really want to make our winter courses as accessible as possible.

Firstly, for this coming winter we have kept our prices the same as last winter.  This makes our courses the best value available but, just in case, we also offer an amazing price match guarantee.  If you see a like for like course available from another provider at a cheaper price just let us know.  We'll happily match it.

We are also offering some very helpful early booking discounts on all 2015 courses.  If you book your course before the end of November you'll qualify for a 15% discount and if you book by the end of January there's still 10% discount on offer


For winter 2015 we will again be offering an accommodation option on our courses.  The Inchree Centre in Onich becomes our home away from home over the winter months and is loved by past Peak Mountaineers.  Inchree is right in the heart of the west coast mountains, has great facilities (restaurant, bar, drying room, wifi, self catering facilities, a comfortable lounge and great parking), is easy to get to by road or public transport and offers exceptional value.  Full details about Inchree are available here.

Of course some Peak Mountaineers like to choose their own accommodation and there are plenty of local options available (we have put together a handy list here) but being in one place does mean we can run evening lectures and easily communicate information for the next day. 


It's no good having a brilliant place to stay if the right course isn't available for your requirements.  No problem. We have courses suitable for all experience levels and aspirations.  We have options for those new to the winter mountains just as we have courses for those keen to learn the skills to climb harder winter routes.  Full details of Peak Mountaineering's winter courses are available here are we are confident the selection will suit everyone.


Depending where you live it can seem like a long way to the Highlands.  Fortunately, it is not as difficult to get there as it seems (and it will be well worth it!). The west coast is well served by both road links and public transport.  While many of our clients drive up to our Scottish courses almost equal numbers choose to travel by other means.  Trains reach Fort William from the south (including the legendary London sleeper train which will take you straight to Fort William).  Alternatively, it is possible to fly to Glasgow or Inverness and take a bus from there.  To help your travel arrangements we have put together a useful guide which you can find here.  If you travel by public transport we are very happy to provide local transport during the course for you.


You can spend a lot on equipment for winter adventures......but you don't need to.  On all Peak Mountaineering winter courses we provide all the technical equipment you need free of charge (some providers charge but we don't think you should need to pay extra). 

All we ask you to provide is suitable outdoor clothing (including warm and waterproof layers).  A detailed list is available here.  If you need boots we have a great hire arrangement with local outdoor retailer Cotswold Outdoor.  Just let us know your size in advance and we'll have them ready for you.  The cost for hire is £7.50 per day.

If you are looking to purchase equipment we also have great discount offers with a range of retailers that will help get you kitted up for less.  Full details on the suppliers we work with are available here and we'll send all the necessary discount codes when you book.

Instruction Standards and Course Selection

We can easily provide the best facilities in the world but we know the overall key requirement for our clients winter adventures is the highest quality instruction.  We pride ourselves, above all else, on our dedicated, highly qualified and knowledgable instructor team.  All our staff are active mountaineers and climbers with a great deal of experience delivering training in the winter mountains.  We are extremely proud of the team we use and we know they'll deliver a great course.

We also take great care to ensure the course you choose is right for your needs. We have deliberately avoided offering online booking because we believe it is essential to have contact with you before you book.  The information on our website should be a great starting point in selecting your course. After that, each page links to a Contact Form so it is simple to contact us.  We'll then get in touch to ensure you have made the right choice (and to offer you our advice on an alternative if we don't think you have).  Plenty of companies offer online booking but, because making the right choice for your winter adventures is so crucial, we'd strongly advise you to think very carefully before selecting your training based on a few sentences on a website.  We are here to help......and help you choose correctly.

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