Summit Clothing

9th May 2014

*To celebrate Peak Mountaineering's new discount partnership, Summit Clothing have very kindly provided a brilliant Mountain Hardwear Scrambler Rucksack for our latest Friendly Friday Giveaway.  Full details are on our Latest News page here.

A while ago we made links with an exciting new online retailer called Summit Clothing.  At the time Summit was in the early stages and we followed with interest as the company both developed their ethos and built their website.  Summit were creating a fascinating model for an online retailer and we were intrigued......
The model?  Simple really.  Summit Clothing is the outdoor industry's first and only high end 'social enterprise' retailer and they aim to do two very simple things:
1) supply the finest outdoor kit available at competitive prices
2) ensure that at every stage they give something back by pledging 50% of their profits to protecting the outdoor playground we all cherish
It may sound like a crazy business model but the logic is certainly there.  If you thrive in the outdoors with your new kit and the wilderness gets a helping
hand along the way through conservation charities and social schemes then everyone will be better off.
We thought it was a great idea but, of course, Summit Clothing will only flourish if their service and product range match up to other online retailers.   Their website is slick and efficient and we love their regularly updated blog.  Their product range is expanding developing nicely and they offer a good range of clothing and equipment from top brands including Mountain Hardwear, Paramo, Montane and Grivel.  They also offer next day delivery on all orders placed by up to 7pm.
Summit Clothing’s pricing is very competitive and it’s great to see that customers aren’t having to pay more to account for their profit donation pledge.  Summit are also committed to full transparency on where the money is being reinvested  (current projects include helping mountain rescue teams, planting trees and helping disadvantaged people experience the outdoors).
The news for Peak Mountaineering clients, however, is even better.  In addition to Summit’s competitive pricing they have kindly agreed to offer all Peak Mountaineers a whacking 15% off all purchases.   Suddenly helping protect the outdoor environment got even more attractive!  As with all Peak Mountaineering Retailer Discounts (full details on our discount scheme is available here) this discount code will be sent out to all clients who make a new booking and existing clients can simply contact us via our Contact Form here and we’ll sent the code straight to you.
We really hope you’ll support Summit Clothing for your next equipment purchases.  You get great kit and help the natural environment at the same time. Maximum outdoor Karma!
Please check out Summit Clothing's shiny new website here.
Posted by Paul