Pro Case Review

17th Feb 2014

I know I am a lazy photographer.  I really want to be better but I just never seem to have my camera in the right place at the right time.  As that great opportunity arises my camera is inevitably in my rucksack or a pocket that is hard to get too.  The other risk sometimes puts me off is dropping the camera when using it is a tricky or exposed position.  So, anything that can help me get more organised while keeping my camera safe is very welcome and some months I was really pleased to come across the Securikey T-Reign Pro Case range.
The Pro Case design is, as far as I know, unique.  The cases, which come in 5 colours and 4 sizes, combine a weather and impact proof shell with a retractable kevlar tether.  Once an electronic device is fastened to the tether it can't be accidentally dropped.  It's a very simple and, as it has proved in use, effective design.  So far I have used the case when skiing, climbing, trekking and winter mountaineering.
The most important aspect of any protective case is, of course, how well it protects equipment (I should say at this point that, although I've only used the case for my compact camera, it would work just as well for other small electronics like GPS units or phones).  The shell of the case is constructed from durable and rigid hard backed Cordura material which is both weather proof and protective.  I really can't imagine electronic equipment getting damaged from impact while stored in it unless you drove a lorry over it!
The top cover of the Pro Case has a hinged lid that flips easily over the lower section.  This is certainly rain proof because there is a very defined overlap.  I did have a concern about how it would keep out wind driven snow but my recent winter instructing in a very wild Scotland has allowed plenty of chance to test this and, despite wearing it in an exposed position on my shoulder strap, it hasn't let in any snow so far.  The advantage of this hinged lid system is that the case is very easy to open one handed.  A simple pull on an elastic toggle and it's open.  The downside is that, although very weatherproof, the flip over lid means the case could never be completely waterproof (but most camera cases aren't anyway).  
On the outside of the Pro Case there is a secure and easy to use velcro attachment system which allows it to be fastened onto a range of items such as over something like a shoulder strap of a bag or rucksack and on a waist belt (Securikey T-Reign also sell various other attachment systems if needed).
The other key, and unique, part of the system, is the kevlar keeper cord.  This system is genius and it is what really sets the case apart.  The very thin (but strong) cord is hidden away in the rear wall of the camera case.  It is so discreet that you wouldn't even know it's there.  It is spring loaded and retracts smoothly but still allows the electronic item to be removed.  So, you simply flip open the camera case lid (with one hand), remove the camera on it's tether, snap the pic and return the camera to it's case.  Of course, if you drop it in the meantime it will simply be dangling there for you to pick back up.
To connect the camera there is a clip supplied that can be fastened to your camera like a standard wrist leash.  This is very simple and allows the camera to be removed from the system easily.  If you are using an item without any attachment point T-Reign also sell various attachment points via their website (this includes a very strong adhesive pad that has proved, so far, to be very secure).
I don't always want a camera case fastened to my shoulder strap or waist belt but it is a really convenient place to make it as accessible as possible and I've definitely been getting some more spontaneous photos during this winter season.  The case has delivered on every level.  If your priority is protecting your camera from knocks (as well as drops) along with always having it ready for use, the Securikey T-Reign Pro Cases are well worth a look.
As well as the Pro Case we are currently testing Securikey's innovative Retractable Gear Tether (a spring loaded clip on tether that will secure everything from a camera to a nut key) and they also have other cases for radios, smartphones and tools in their range.  We'll report back on the tether soon and full details on the whole range are available on their website here
Even better, Securikey T-Reign have kindly offered to join Peak Mountaineering's Retailer Discount Scheme so now, exclusively for our clients, all items in their range are available with a pocket friendly 10% discount.  Full details are available on our Retailer Discount page here .