The Banff Film Festival UK and Ireland World Tour 2014

10th Jan 2014

** We are absolutely delighted that the Banff tour organisers have kindly offered us 2 pairs of festival tickets to give away to Peak Mountaineers.  Full details are on our Latest News page here.  
The Banff Mountain Film Festival is an international film competition and annual presentation of short films and documentaries about mountain culture, sports, and the environment. The festival was launched in 1976 and it is held every autumn in Banff, Alberta.  Unfortunately, for some of us, Banff is a very long way to travel even for such a prestigious event but luckily, after the festival ends, a selection of the best films go on a world tour which currently visits over 40 countries and reaches more than 300,000 audience members.  Even better, for the fifth year running, the tour is returning to the UK and Ireland between January and May. Each event is both a fantastic celebration of adventure and mountain culture along with being a brilliant social event and this year the UK and Ireland Tour, with 40 locations and 56 screenings, is a bigger social event than ever!
Of course the crucial factor of any film tour is the quality of films on offer and this year’s line-up looks fantastic.  The selection covers all aspects of adventure sports and features both stunning imagery and, at times, heart stopping drama.  
2014 Highlights include:
Heaven’s Gate
A group of wingsuit pilots gather at Tianmen Mountain in China, the birthplace of the dream of human flight, to attempt an intimidating feat – flying through the sacred site known as Heaven’s Gate, an archway carved out of the mountain. As Jeb Corliss drops from a helicopter and soars toward the opening, nearly a half-billion people hold their breath.
High Tension
Flying fists, obscenities, and death threats at 23,000 feet? Is this the new Everest reality? This film takes a closer look at the 2013 incident at Camp II that made international headlines and had climbers Ueli Steck, Simone Moro, and Jonathan Griffith running for their lives.
North of the Sun
Tucked between the cold Atlantic Ocean and the rocky slopes of a remote, arctic island, two young Norwegian adventurers discover their own private playground. They build themselves a cabin out of flotsam while clearing the beach of debris, then spend the long winter skiing and surfing in the haunting low light.
Keeper of the Mountain
Elizabeth Hawley bucked the conventions of her time by settling alone in Kathmandu in 1960, where she began chronicling Himalayan expeditions for The Himalayan Database. Even as she turns 90, she continues to update these records with rigorous accuracy and dedication, challenging the truth of even the most adamant of mountaineers.
Spice Girl
The UK climbing scene is known for its strict traditional ethic, yielding dangerous routes and a competitive machismo among the driven young climbers risking it all to prove their boldness. It’s the last place you’d expect to find a nice little blond girl putting all the lads to shame, but Hazel Findlay is doing just that. The first woman to climb the British grade of E9, Hazel is a connoisseur of loose rock, dodgy gear, and big run-outs. Having mastered the scrappy seacliffs at home she teams up with Emily Harrington to tackle the massive, untamed bigwalls of Taghia Gorge, Morocco.
It promises to be a fantastic celebration of mountain adventure and culture.  Full details and online booking can be found on the tour website here and, until you go, the trailer below should whet your appetite for the roller coaster ride to come….