The road less travelled...

22nd Nov 2013

Last night some of the Peak Mountaineering team went to Manchester to see the European Outdoor Film Tour (EOFT).  The event was one of 7 screenings throughout the the UK which, in turn, is part of a whole series that is touring many venues across Europe.  The evening, supported by a range of manufacturers including Mammut and Goretex,  comprised 9 films covering a range of outdoor sports including skiing, kayaking, mountain biking, climbing and BASE jumping.  It was a really inspirational evening and what I love most about these events is that, although I don't participate in several of the sports covered, there is a common thread across all adventure people that binds activists together.  Consequently, The evening had a great buzz about it.
However, despite loving seeing Brits Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker (aka The Wide Boyz) crushing the off widths or watching some brilliant slack lining and BASE jumping action, my very favourite film was called The Road From Karakol.  The film is a travelogue created by alpinist Kyle Dempster as he mountain biked across Kyrgyzstan’s back country in 2011.  His goal, beside exploring the stunning wilderness, was to climb as many of the region’s virgin peaks as possible. He was alone with just the minimum of equipment and a GoPro camera.
The film works on many levels but it is Kyle's endearing personality and the pure adventure of the trip that really struck a chord with me (and many other people it seems, as it has now won several awards).  Most of all, however, the film did the best thing of made me want to book a plane ticket and have a new adventure of my own.  That is surely the best success criteria for any adventure film?  If you get a chance to see the EOFT either this year or another it is well worth it (although for many people it will need to be next year as the last UK screening for this year is in London today!).  
In the meantime here is The Road From Karakol.  If you can spare 25 minutes I'd really recommend you take a look for yourself......
Posted by Paul