Top Gear #2 (Sawyer Mini Water Filters)

15th Nov 2013

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Outdoor equipment is getting more and more complicated so it’s always really nice to find something that is especially simple to use and virtually indestructible…. and yet still does its job at least as well as far more complicated options.  Earlier this year we tried Sawyer Water Filters for the first time and, after years of using various pumps or chemical filtration systems, they were a revelation.....
Sawyer filters have proved themselves to be an incredibly simple and super effective method of getting clean water while travelling or for all wilderness adventures.  Infact, they changed our whole approach to hydration in the mountains because suddenly we could carry much less water and yet know with certainty that we could access clean water whenever we came across a water source.  Even better, with a Sawyer filter weighing only 36grams and water weighing 1kg per litre it makes a very big difference to the weight and bulk you need to carry!
Recently, Sawyer significantly improved the original filter and they have now released the Sawyer Mini.  It’s a brand new model offering the same great performance and simple operation while being staggeringly small (36 grams and about the size of a packet of extra strong mints (I know it's a random comparison - we just had some on the desk when I wrote this!).  It can be used as an inline filter, as a drinking straw or, like the original Sawyer system,  by squeezing from the bag supplied with the filter into another bottle. The filters also represent great value because the new Mini costs only £29.95 (and Peak Mountaineering clients can get a discount off that too.  Details on the offer are here) and yet are guaranteed to filter up to 378,540 litres (that's a lot of trips in the mountains!).  It’s also a great company to support because Sawyer work tirelessly to bring clean water to the developing world via their charity efforts.
The Sawyer Mini IS the new benchmark for portable filter systems.
This handy video gives a clear guide to the Mini's features.....

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