Winter kit is, mostly, like other kit!

22nd Oct 2013

The majority of questions we get asked about our winter courses concerns equipment.  What do I need? Will this piece of kit that I already have be suitable?  Can you lend me this or that?  It's the thing clients are most unsure about and we completely understand why.  Our aim is to get as many people as possible enjoying the winter mountains and we want that to mean, above all else, that course participants don't have to spend a mountain of cash to join us.
We provide a detailed winter kit list (which is reproduced below) but it can look scarily technical, terrifyingly detailed and panic inducingly expensive.  It isn't really.  On the list below we have used red for anything we reckon hill goers will already own, yellow for anything we can lend to you (always free of charge of course) and blue for things available to hire. Once the items that crossover from your summer activities, the items we provide (always free of charge of course) and the items you can hire are taken off (our boot hire system means you will need to allocate about £25 for hire on a typical 3 day course), there is absolutely nothing left (the only thing to be sure of is that your gloves are up the the job.  Please speak to us if you aren't sure).
So, please don't let kit put you off having an amazing winter adventure!
Rucksack (around 45 litres with a waterproof liner bag)
Waterproof jacket trousers
Boots and socks
Ice Axe or pair of ice axes
Synthetic Thermal base layer top and bottoms
Fleece mid layer
Mountain trousers
Hat and/or balaclava
Insulated waterproof gloves
Spare insulated waterproof gloves
Lunch and flask
Headtorch and spare batteries
Spare food
Spare warm layer (mid weight fleece)
Sunglasses and sun cream
Ski goggles
Personal first aid and medication
Money for a pub stop at the end of the day (you've earnt it!)
Map of the area we are visiting
Insulated jacket (synthetic insulation rather than down)
Mobile phone
Trekking poles
Posted by Cal