You are cordially invited..........

23rd Sep 2013


A 3 hour 43 minute 12 second review meeting, 8 Starbucks lattes and a frappacino, a 2 hour 33 minute 45 second planning meeting, 38 and a half cups of tea, 14 pieces of flapjack,  3 bars of Dairy Milk, an overdose of High Peak Radio, 19 and a quarter bananas, 129 grapes (although we only ate 128 because 1 fell on the floor) and 103 hours 22 minutes 13 seconds nailed to our office chairs.....and we're done.  A complete overhaul of Peak Mountaineering's 2014 winter course schedule is in the bag and you are cordially invited to join us!  We have improved everything (except the top quality instruction).  We have forgotten nothing.  Infact these courses are so good even we want to attend as participants.  Here's our top reasons why......

Course Length We've assessed the length of our courses and made some significant changes.  We used to offer 5 day courses but feedback from clients (and our own observations) has led us to believe that that's too long.  5 continuous winter days in the Scottish mountains is a long time and we felt some clients were simply getting too tired to make the most of their training. 

So, we now offer 2 and 3 day courses (although we've scheduled some courses consecutively so you can go from one to the other if you want to stay for a full week).  We looked at what other companies were offering (lots of 5 day courses!) and promptly ignored it!  We are happy that, although it may cost us some bookings, it is the right thing to do.  We hope you agree.  By the way....if you are considering a 5 day course with other providers please consider if you really are fit enough to handle 5 consecutive days in the winter mountains.  You might be surprised how tough it is.

Accommodation We've never offered accommodation for our winter courses so that participants have maximum flexibility, but clients asked for accommodation.  For 2014 we have organised a base with comfortable and great value rooms and all the facilities you could ever need.  We are still keeping the accommodation cost separate to the course cost to give flexibility, but we'd really like you to stay with us if you can so we can run evening lectures and enjoy a beer together in the evenings (details about our course accommodation is here). 

Information. We asked some friends, relatives and clients to look at our website as prospective winter clients and then feed back their thoughts about the information provided.  Their was very poor (they didn't hold back!). 

So, we've added a detailed course details page for each of our winter courses.  We've updated the kit list and added detailed accommodation about travel details.  We've also compiled a list of the things we get asked most often and made a specific winter course frequently asked questions page.  We hope you now have all the information you need (an example of the full course details for our 2 day Winter Skills Course is here and our travel information page is here).

Value We have always been confident our winter courses are excellent value compared to the prices competitors charge but we want them to be the very best value.  For 2014 we are offering a simple price match guarantee.  Find a similar course cheaper and we'll give you 5% off the price. 

It also really helps us to get our winter courses booked up early so we are offering early booking discounts off all 2014 courses.  Book before the end of October and we'll knock a whopping 20% off (that's £76 off our most expensive course!).  Up to the end of December and it will be 15% and we'll even knock 10% off any courses booked up to the end of January (details of our early booking discounts and price match guarantee are here). 

Instruction Even with the best infrastructure it is really the quality of instruction that makes or breaks your course.  We use some of the best instructors in the industry so we are confident they will make rather than break yours.  Highly qualified, highly experienced and with a great knowledge of the Scottish winter mountains - come and test their knowledge by asking them some tricky questions!

Equipment You can spend a lot on equipment. That's fine if you want to, but we don't want the cost of gear to be a barrier to you being able to attend a winter course.  So we provide all the technical equipment you need free and we've also arranged boot hire facilities with our friends at Cotswold Outdoor for only £12.50 per day.  All you need to provide is suitable clothing and a rucksack (our winter kit list, with details of our boot hire option, is here).

Support We've been offering advice and great service for years.  We want you to feel supported from the first enquiry email right until you get back home at the end of your course.  Our office super trooper (Cal) is an experienced mountaineer who knows our courses really well.  Test her skills!

Location We run all our winter courses on the west coast of the Highlands because it's the   best area.  Best locations, best conditions, best scenery and best infrastructure.  Instructors don't use the adage 'west is best' for no reason!