Friday Inspiration - Vertical Sailing

13th Sep 2013

We thought we'd try something a little different on the blog and have a Friday afternoon video.  Something fun but inspiring.  We knew exactly what to pick.......

In the spring of 2010 four climbers (who are also musicians), Sean Villanueva O'Driscoll, Nicolas Favresse and his brother Olivier (all from Belgium), Ben Ditto (USA) and the 75 year old Captain, Reverend Bob Shepton (UK),  sailed to the west coast of Greenland in the Reverend's 30 foot yacht, Dodo's Delight.

During an action packed visit they succeeded in climbing what Bob had named the "Impossible Wall", 850 metres high and shooting straight out of the sea. The climbing proved to be a wild adventure as they ascended grassy cracks, guano covered slabs, mossy offwidths, vertical kitty litter, and vomiting seagulls.  Seven long days of climbing later they topped out on "Devil’s Brew" (E7 6c or 5.12d) which gave 19 sustained pitches of a high standard.  They then sailed to the south of the country and did more new routes including one which Bob climbed (E2 - not bad at 75!) before sailing back to Europe through a fortnight of atrocious weather. The expedition won a 2011 Piolet d'Or and The film was the winner of the prize for the Best Mountain Adventure Film at Kendal Mountain Film Festival in 2011.

We love it because it is visually stunning and it tells the story of a pure adventure in a fun and endearing way.  We hope you enjoy the series as much as we did.

Posted by Cal