Sawyer Water Filters

17th May 2013

We’ve used water filters a lot over the years.  For a long time our favourite was the MSR Miniworks.  We liked the UV systems made by Steripen and a fair amount of Iodine and Chlorine Dioxide has also gone into our bottles over the years.  They all work but they all have their drawbacks too.  A while ago our friends at Trek and Mountain Magazine asked us to review a Sawyer Squeeze System filter.  This conveniently coincided with some Mountain Leader courses and a trip to Peru so we’ve had plenty of chance to give the system a thorough test.  We love it!
The Sawyer system works by mechanically filtering out contaminants through super fine hollow fibres.  It’s a system based on medical dialysis equipment.  We are mid-way through writing a more detailed review but the key things the end user will notice are the speedy filtration speed, light weight (only 93 grams for the filter unit), small pack size (the filter is only about 17cms long and no more than 5cms wide) and longevity (Sawyer guarantees the filter to last for 1 million gallons!).  At under £60 they also offer one of the cheapest reliable options for travellers and outdoors people.  The squeeze kit also comes with a selection of lightweight water bags in different sizes making it an ultralight and very user friendly system.   We used to think twice about whether to pack a filter or take chemicals.  Now it’s a very easy choice!
We were so impressed that we got in touch with Sawyer to ask if we could arrange a discount deal for Peak Mountaineering clients and they couldn’t have been accommodating.  Sawyer have kindly offered to discount their systems by 10% as well as agreeing to donate a further 10% to the water aid charity Fresh2O.  The charity is doing great things to improve the quality of water available globally and when you hear that about 4500 children die from lack of clean water every day you realise it’s a big issue.  Details on Fresh2O’s work can be found here.
Finally, we want to do our bit too.  For any course attendees buying a Sawyer System Filter we’ll also contribute 10% of your course fee to Fresh2O (offer valid on all UK courses excluding NGB’s).  Future clients will automatically receive details on how to take advantage of this offer with their joining instructions.  For past customers please feel free to get in touch and we’ll happily tell you how to access the offer too.  We hope you’ll give Sawyer Filter Systems a shot.  It is very likely to be the last water filter you will ever need to buy!
This handy little video of the squeeze system in action will help you see how simple it is.... 

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