Wild Stripes Baselayers

9th Apr 2013

A few months ago we joined forces with Wild Stripes base layers.  Peak Mountaineering clients can now enjoy significant discounts on the whole Wild Stripes product range (we'll send details with your booking confirmation) and Wild Stripes customers can get discounts on our courses.  We are really excited by the new partnership.  Not simply because it's a great opportunity for our clients to use some superb products at a great price.  We are also really pleased because we love small businesses set up by passionate people with an inspirational idea (a bit, we like to think, like Peak Mountaineering!).
Wild Stripes was formed by Claire Templar during a New Zealand road trip.  The Kiwi's love a cheerful base layer and Claire saw potential in bringing the products across the pond to cheer up the UK's mountains, rivers and trails.  She sourced a high quality, ethical supplier, worked out logistics and no doubt emptied her piggy bank.... but it all worked out well and, in 2010, Wild Stripes was born.  It's still a small (but growing) business and we love how Claire is completely devoted to minimising the products environmental footprint alongside providing a top quality product.  Many clients will know we've been longstanding advocates of Patagonia products and we see a lot of similarities with Wild Stripes and Patagonia's early days.
But liking the idea is not enough for any product and certainly not for a product we are endorsing with our support.  Well we'd been using our baselayers for quite a while before we spoke to them about a reciprocal discount deal.  We needed to be completely happy with their performance and we thought it was about time we shared our findings......
The first thing stand out feature about the Wild Stripes range is the cheerful colours.  When I look in my base layer drawer (Yep, I do have a whole drawer devoted to base layers!) it's all a bit drab.  Blacks, whites and a few blues and one light purple.  But, peeking out from the side of the drawer is now a multicoloured 'sweetshop' top and nearby a red and black 'menace' top which has really cheered the selection up! Wild Stripes are certainly cheerful and we love that.  I should point out that there are some more muted colours (even black) if you aren't a sweet shop kind of person!
Of course there is no point in the clothing looking the business if they don't perform.  We've had polypropylene clothing in the past and it's main drawback is that it has become very smelly after only a short time.  Put simply....we are really impressed with Wild Stripes lack of pong!  They are also cosy.  We don't use them so much on in between temperature days as they will be too warm but they are our first choice when it gets wintry cold.  
Wild Stripes are very well designed.  The tops are long enough to stay tucked in to clothing even when you are bending and stretching.  You can get ones with thumb loops which is a great feature for stopping them riding up your arms when doing things like ice climbing.  There are some with short neck zips if you like some ventilation but we haven't tried them as we generally prefer crew necks.  
Wild Stripes also supply beanies and we have been using some over this long winter.  The skull caps are simple and lightweight and work brilliantly under helmets or under beefier hats.  The normal weight beanies are great on their own although they also fit well under a helmet, the hood of a waterproof or hooded top.
Wild Stripes products are light.  A medium top is about 160 grams and a beanie only weighs around 35.  They are also very durable.  We have been wearing them all winter and there is no sign of wear.  They are also produced in some technically advanced way so the colours won't fade (you can even wash them in temperatures up to 95 degrees).  It's also said that horizontal stripes are visually slimming :)
All in all they are a great product and certainly one we'd recommend to our clients and friends.  Of course, that 15% percent discount is another incentive and we have a Facebook competition planned to give away some of their beanies. Watch this space :)
Full details on the Wild Stripes range can be found here.
Posted by Cal