An Instructor's Child

4th Apr 2013


I received an email this morning.  I was in the office and it was sent by my son Ben who was at home.  Talk about pulling the heart strings........
The Life of an Instructor's Child
The life of an instructor's children is not too hard. We still have a Mother to look after us and our Dad always come back even if it takes 6 weeks!!
You can start to miss your dad when he goes away but after a while you start to get used to it but it is still hard.
We have an ipod and ipad so we sometimes FaceTime.  It is good because it is a time to speak to your Dad when he is away overseas.
The thing about your Dad going away is he is always getting money to buy stuff for your birthday but another great thing is when he goes away he has to come back and the best part is you can show him all the stuff you have been up to while he was away.
When he is back it's great because you can do really good things like climbing, mountain biking and some really cool walks.
It's great to be the son of an instructor even if he has to go overseas a lot.  The best bit is always when he comes back and you can spend time with him!
Don't get me wrong it is great to be one of two of my Mum and Dad's children!!!!
By Ben Lewis
Posted by Paul