I would be Chris Sharma's brother

1st Apr 2013


If you follow social media, read the climbing press or simply hang out at enough walls or crags, it would be hard not to have seen the recent buzz around an organisation called Climbers Against Cancer (CAC).  This unique idea, conceived by climber John Ellison, was started after he received the shocking news he had advanced cancer some time ago.  When you read about John you realise he is a fighter.  John channeled his considerable energy towards doing good for others by raising money and developing cancer awareness.
John chose to focus his efforts on the community he knew best and that community, climbers, certainly stepped up.  CAC t-shirts are everywhere and climbers are wearing them with pride.  It is humbling.....and it is inspiring.  
The CAC website is well worth a surf here and please like their facebook page here and follow them on twitter here.  
It's a great example of someone having an inspirational idea, having the drive to make the idea a reality and seeing other like minded people back that vision.  If you do visit the website please take the time to read some of the stories from cancer sufferers and their relatives.  They will make you cry and smile but, above all, hopefully they will inspire you to support CAC's great work.
Here's one of many that touched us.....
Back in April of 2012, my mom was diagnosed with ampullary carcinoma. Since then, she has gone through chemo and radiation treatments, but she was too weak to finish the treatments so they stopped. They have considered every option, but they cannot go forward with anything because she also has liver cirrhosis. They say that she has 2 months to live.
Throughout her life, my mom was never a quitter. She lived a life to ensure that the people around her were more comfortable than she was. She taught me to never give up no matter what it is that I am doing and I have always applied that to everything in my life, especially in my climbing.
Even as the doctors are telling her that there is nothing else that they can do, she still holds onto hopes of defeating cancer while living each day to the fullest. If I climbed like my mom lives her life and fights cancer, I would be Chris Sharma’s brother.