Winter Skills Quiz

9th Feb 2013

This is the winter skills quiz our course candidates have faced tonight.  How would you do?

1 Name 3 types of avalanche?
2 What is a good source of information about mountain weather conditions?
3 What is the shovel like implement at the top of an ice axe called?
4 What percentage of avalanche victims trigger their own avalanche (or have it triggered by a member of their party)?
5 List 3 essential things to consider when fitting crampons?
6 Avalanches tend to happen most frequently on the ....... slopes of mountains?
7 List 4 essential things that you need to pack for a winter day in the mountains?
8 What are the 4 factors that make up the avalanche assessment triangle?
9 You are travelling up an approach path and you start to notice more snow on the ground. When deciding where to fit your crampons suggest 5 things you might want to consider?
10 List 3 safety factors to be considered when using a shovel-up snow shelter?
11 What is a terrain trap?
12 What do anti-balling plates do?
13 Suggest 3 ways you could fabricate a cover on a snow grave snow shelter?
14 Name 5 things that would be seen in a good ice axe arrest demonstration?
15 If you had to travel up a snow gully that seemed to be at risk of avalanching how could you minimise the risk to yourself and members of your party? (please bear in mind that you wouldn't do this unless you had NO alternative)
16 The point at the bottom of an ice axe is called a.........?
17 What is sastrugi?
18 The icy 'ball bearings' that can form a weak layer in the snow pack are called........?
19 What does SAIS stand for?
20 What does the B and T ice axe ratings stand for?
21 What is a cornice?
22 List 3 additional hazards you must consider when heading into the winter mountains? compared to the same journey in summer?
23 When would an ice axe leash be useful?
24 You are planning to practice some ice axe arrests.  What 3 things would you want to consider when choosing a suitable slope?
25 What is riming?