Bargain Winter Courses.....

3rd Jan 2013


Readers of Trek and Mountain magazine will be aware that we have collaborated on some specially priced winter courses for 2013.  The courses, as expected,  are filling very fast - but it's certianly not too late to get involved....


2 Day Winter Skills - 23rd & 24th Feb 2013
£120 (reduced from £170)
Our 2 day Winter Skills course is, even if we say it ourselves, brilliant! 2 fun filled days of snowy adventures covering the key skills needed to feel confident venturing into the winter environment - equipment choice, using an ice axe and crampons effectively, moving efficiently on snow, mountain navigation, emergency snow shelters, coping with the cold (nutrition, cold injuries and energy conservation), avalanche awareness, snow analysis and dealing with emergencies. It's a rollercoaster of a course suitable for anyone and everyone keen to experience the best of the winter mountain environment.
3 Day Winter Skills - 23rd, 24th & 25th Feb 2013
£180 (reduced from £240)
A great option. For the first couple of days we cover all the skills of our 2 day course. Then we head off on day three for a mountain journey. This allows us to consolidate all the things we've covered and also allows us the time to focus on any skills that need more input - as well as giving us a great excuse to get out and enjoy the winter hills together one more time!
This is a very popular option because it's possible to fit it into a long weekend and you'll still go home feeling confident and inspired to come back and head into the mountains yourself as soon as possible. Even better, the last day can be tailored to suit your aspirations and we can use this day to 'tick off' a classic summit or to head for that particular area you saw in that coffee table photo book Aunt Beryl bought you 10 years ago!
2 Day Snow Shelter Adventure - 21st & 22nd March 2013
£120 (reduced from £150)
You've watched Ray Mears build one, heard about Scott of the Antarctic living in one for months, or just fancy being an Eskimo for a night. No problem...our snow shelter adventure will be sure to bring out the Shackleton in you!  On day one we pack our bags, head to a suitable location and then take time building our shelter. This day also gives us a chance to discuss other types of shelter and make sure we are fully aware of all the relevant safety issues. Then we cook an evening feast and bed down for a real night with a difference. The next morning, after a hearty breakfast, we'll use the day to take in a fine wintery walk back to civilisation - and the inevitable celebratory beers! 
3 Day Winter Mountaineering Course - 23rd, 24th & 25th March 2013 
£280 (reduced from £330)
A great course for anyone who’s got the winter bug and wants to progress to climbing graded winter routes. Over 3 action packed days we’ll refresh your ice axe and crampon skills while developing your knowledge of winter climbing equipment, avalanche avoidance, route choice, weather forecast interpretation and rope work suitable for operating on climbs up to grade 2. You’ll also end the 3 days having ticked a bunch of classic Scottish mountaineering routes!
Please note that we don't provide accommodation for courses (although the night in the snow shelter is certainly included in the price!) but we can provide details of suitable options for all budgets if required.
Please call us on 01433 620283 or email to book your place.