Petzl e+ LITE - a mini marvel

29th Sep 2012

Over the last few months we've been testing Petzl's new, and much improved, version of the e+LITE.  The latest edition of Trek and Mountain magazine has a mini review of our findings.  Here's what we had to say.....

A reliable head torch should be with you on every mountain day but sometimes a full size model seems like overkill.  The new version of the Petzl e+LITE may be the answer on those in between days.  Although designed as an emergency torch the 3 LED’s still produce an amazing 26 lumens of light (similar to the original Petzl Zoom) which is easily enough to follow a path or set up an emergency abseil.  The battery shelf life is an incredible 10 years and even on full power you’ll get 55 hours of burn time (although light intensity will decrease over time). There are various modes including flashing red signal mode and the attachment system is a clever sprung cord that clamps snugly on your head or easily fastens to a tent pole or rucksack.  The torch uses 2 CR2032 lithium cell batteries and is waterproof to 1 metre.  It’s a brilliant torch and the best bit is that all this functionality fits in a unit weighing only 27 grams and packing to less than the size of a small box of matches. 

The retail price for the e+LITE is £25 and more information can be found at the Petzl website here.