The Bike Garage

10th May 2012


‘When we aren’t fixing them we’re riding them!’

Considering the huge amount of world class riding we have in the Hope Valley, it’s surprising that we don’t have very many mountain bike shops.  There are plenty of options in Sheffield and on the Stockport side of the Peak District, but not a wide choice in the valley itself.

Fortunately, the ones we do have are excellent.  In Hope there’s 18 Bikes.  Hope has become a well known base for visiting bikers and this top quality shop is centrally located (with some great cafes nearby too).  18 Bikes stocks some dream bikes and top end accessories.  It also has knowledgeable and friendly staff plus top notch workshop facilities.

18 bikes doesn’t, however, hire out bikes.  If you need to hire a bike you have even less choice – but again we are fortunate to have one of the best facilities available.  For bike hire look no further than The Bike Garage.

The Bike Garage is tucked away at the back of Bamford Garden Centre mid way between Castleton and Hathersage (full directions are on the Bike Garage website).  The garden centre is well signposted from the road and you can’t miss the shop if you head for the back of the site.  The shop owner is James.  James has lived and cycled in the Valley all his life so there’s no one better qualified to run the shop.  He’s also a real biking enthusiast and a qualified bike mechanic.

The Bike Garage isn’t big, but there’s a lot packed into a small space!  The shop is a Trek dealership so there’s a good selection of new bike and a great spares range plus a full complement of Trek hire bikes.  We always use the hire service for course participants that need a set of wheels and we’ve always been completely happy with the quality of service and the bikes provided.

A full days hire costs £25 (£15 for kid’s bikes) or £20 for half a day (£10 for kids).  A really useful feature of the service is that James counts half a day as any four half block.  This is great if you are planning a mid morning to mid afternoon ride and will be plenty long enough for many local circuits.  All bikes are provided with a pump, helmet and a few essential tools.

Inevitably the bike hire service gets busy and there’s only a certain number of each model size available so if you are heading to the Peak District at a busy time plan ahead – James is happy to reserve bikes by phone or there’s an online reservation system on the website.  Some other new options are a selection of 29” wheel hire bikes and the chance to use SPD pedals for a small extra charge.

But, the truth is that customers expect modern bike shops to provide good quality, clean and well maintained bikes.  What really sets James’s facilities apart is the quality of service and his local knowledge.  If you are new to the area you can get on to some great trails straight from the shop and James will give you all the information to do that.  He can provide maps, recommend suitable options to match your experience level and guide you on how long it will take.  You certainly couldn’t be in better hands.

The other essential service the Bike Garage offers is a full bike workshop facility.  James can handle everything from quick brake tweaks to a full build.  Some set services are priced on the website but the shop also offers a free quotation service so you have a transparent price before you start – a great idea.

You can find all the information you need on the Bike Garage website here.  It’s a great site with some good videos of local rides and biking news.  James has even introduced an inner tube recycling facility – a great initiative.  Please support our local bike store – you won’t be disappointed!