Learn to Lead

8th May 2012

When I first started climbing I'd never heard of a 'Learn to Lead' course.  My friends and I learnt by trial and error, by watching other climbers at local crags, by reading magazines and sometimes, if I'm honest, just by guessing!  We had a few near misses but did some great routes and, most importantly survived. 


But if I started out again and had the chance to attend a course I wouldn't hesitate.  A couple of days expert instruction is a great investment if you are coming to lead climbing from a background as a second or indoor climber.  Here's why.......

 1. A course will show you the safest methods - All our Learn to Lead courses are run by fully qualified Mountaineering Instructors.  To gain this qualification takes a lot of experience, a lot of training and a rigourous assessment process.  Mountaineering Instructors are also committed to an ongoing Continual Professional Development (CPD) process that ensures they stay up to speed with all the latest techniques.

2. A course will speed up the learning process - Our courses utilise industry leading progressive teaching methods ensuring you learn at the right pace for you.  If there's an area you are very familiar with we won't spend too much time on it.  If there's something you need more input on....it's not a problem.  Also, as everyone learns best by 'doing' rather than watching or listening - on our courses you'll be mostly 'doing'!

3. Low instructor to client ratios - Learn to Lead courses are quite expensive but that is because we always work on a 1:2 instructor to client ratio.  This ensures the safest course and focussed personal attention for each client.  It also mimics how you'll operate in a lead climber and second partnership.

4. An opportunity to explore different equipment options - We have a wide range of lead climbing equipment and discuss the options that are available with course attendees.  A lead rack is expensive...better to have our top tips so you don't make expensive mistakes.

5. A chance to learn in the best place - All our Learn to Lead courses take place in the Peak District National Park.  This is unquestionably the best place in the UK for your lead climbing course.  Loads of great venues.  A wide range of route types to teach different techniques.  Easy access and stunning locations in the heart of the UK's first national park (with great accommodation options nearby).

This year Peak Mountaineering has more Learn to Lead courses scheduled than every before.  Our courses are listed here but just as many clients choose to book a bespoke course with their climbing partner.  Just give us a call on 01433620283 or email info@peakmountaineering.com and we'll get your lead climbing on the right track for 2012.