26th Mar 2012

I used to have a friend called Simon.  I suppose he’s still a friend really.... but I’m sorry to say I’ve lost touch with him over the years.  Anyway, I’ve not forgotten Simon’s stock answer to every question.  How are you Simon? “I can’t complain”.  I’m really sorry to hear you lost your job.  “I can’t complain”.  Really sorry to hear your house burnt down.  “I can’t complain”. 

Among my group of friends Simon became known as Positron.  I’ve forgotten the exact logic of the nickname but it was to do with his positive outlook (even though he definitely had his share of bad luck) and the way his positivity rubbed off on others.  He also made an epic lead of the Gogarth classic by the same name...but that’s just a coincidence!  The greatest thing about my job is that I meet an awful lot of positrons.  People who have chosen a positive path in life.  People positive about their sport.  People who positively want to have a good time – but with a challenge. 

Over the last few days the Peak District has been basking in glorious weather and I’ve been working with several teams of D of E participants on their gold practice expedition.  I don’t do much of this work and yet every time I do I feel so inspired.  Today was the last of 4 challenging days and, as I saw some of the team reach their final destination I had seen so many amazing performances that I almost had a tear in my eye.  Challenge is what adventure is all about and, in their final debrief, I told them so.  We’ve had lots of other clients looking for challenge recently. 

Challenge through climbing - our fourth Learn to Lead course of the month has just finished, 18 stags challenged themselves on the Peak District crags last weekend, 120 abseilers challenged themselves last Saturday and 6 friends who’d set themselves the goal of climbing the height of Everest achieved their goal last Monday.

Challenge on two wheels.  More stags pushing themselves in the Derwent Valley, 2 Introductory Mountain Bike Courses and an Intermediate Skills Course last week and 4 other friends on a private guided biking day.

Navigational challenge.  2 packed Right Way in a Day courses in the last fortnight and a private guided couple on a night navigation exercise.
And last but certainly not least the challenge of overseas adventures.  4 more clients have now booked on to our Stok Kangri expedition and are starting to make their preparations for the summer. 

We’re going to see a lot of people challenging themselves this year.  Lots of positrons.  But we always have room for more!