Coming home....

15th Mar 2012

mountain bikers stanage

My work follows the seasons.  I suppose the season’s rule me.  In Winter the pilgrimage to Scotland, Spring and early Summer in the Peak District and North Wales, Summer expeditions, Autumn back in the Peak District or occasionally to somewhere exotic and then the lead in to winter when the cycle begins again…

I love it.  Just as I’m ready for a change – there is one.  Just as I’m ready to hang up my crampons…..the gritstone calls.  Each year is a journey with the comforting and familiar mixed with the new and exploratory.

At the moment it’s Spring in the Peak District.  The winter kit is back in storage, the air temperature is rising nicely and, since my return, I’ve been blessed with some stunning blue sky days that cry out to be celebrated with outdoor adventure. 

The first course I ran after getting back to the High Peak was a Learn to Lead course.  This is always one of my favourite courses and the Peak District is, without question, the best place anywhere to run them.  The best choice of venues, amazing climbs of all types, crags that are easily accessible and, of course, stunning locations.  Sam, Mandy and I had a great couple of days on sun drenched rock.  A perfect welcome home.

A quick nip down to South Wales to run a site-specific climbing wall course for the RAF and then I moved on to some mountain biking.  A kids group in the Derwent Valley and a group of southern raiders from London on the Kinder loop.  More sunshine, more laughs and a chance to ride my humble Orange alongside some 5K dream machines.  Loved it.

At the start of this week I spent 2 more peachy weather days running some Island Peak preparation with Annie and Kevin.  They are leaving for their adventure in a few weeks and I loved sharing their enthusiasm and teaching them some of the technical skills they’d need to achieve their goal.  We may have looked pretty crazy jumaring between boulders at Burbage North but we knew the full picture (this was work for Pure Outdoor).

I’m now in the middle of an Outdoor First Aid course and the sun continues to shine.  The participants sat outside enjoying the sun at lunchtime, resuscitated and bandaged on the grass and I got to drive home in stunning sunshine and call for a cheeky 40 minute boulder at Curbar.

In between all that there’s been a lot of meetings about various exciting new developments.  Our website continues to take shape slowly but surely.  Cal is working on this whenever she can (in between finding time for sport climbing holidays in Spain!).  We have progressed the plans for this Summers Envirotrek and also moved forward with the planning for this year’s Himalayan expeditions. 

We are also delighted to welcome our new marketing assistant to the team.  Charlie will initially be working on some new publicity leaflets and taking control of distributing information to local providers.  It’s great to have her on board.  Bookings for the Peak District Outdoor and Walking Festival continue to come in steadily.  We are really excited about this celebration of Peak District adventure and it’s great to be involved.

It’s been a great year so far.  There’s a great year ahead and there’s a world of adventure available.  Please come and join the fun.