Our booking system explained.....

21st Feb 2012

When I first started Peak Mountaineering we debated the website incorporating an online booking system and decided against it.  We revisited the debate when our new website was built but, after careful deliberation, our view hasn’t changed.

Of course there are clear advantages to it.  Clients can book easily and don’t need to make contact with us.  For us it would help that payments can be received immediately.  Lots of companies use it.  I see all that but I still don’t think it’s right for our business.  The decision has undoubtedly cost us bookings along the way but I’ll live with that.  I am confident the clients that do book benefit from our stance.

Why?  I saw an example of it last week.  A team were making their way up to the North Face of Ben Nevis.  I watched with interest as they snaked their way to the hut and the tail ender was clearly finding it tough going.  His partner was storming ahead and looking more than a little impatient at having to wait so often.

We ended up climbing near them and their adventures continued with the more experienced climber waltzing up the route while his partner struggled determinedly through each pitch.  By the time we topped out they were sitting just next to us and we had a chat.  It turned out the more experienced climber had visited Scotland a number of times and had also climbed for a week at Rjukan.  The less experienced climber explained that this was his first taste of winter climbing.

They both compromised to make the best of the situation but, in my opinion, neither was able to make the best use of their opportunity.  The more experienced climber needed pushing on some harder routes, needed more input on advanced protection placement and movement techniques. The less experienced climber was on ground that was too challenging and he was unable to develop the skills he needed because his sole focus had to be getting up the route.

The team weren’t being guided.  They were friends.  But if they were booking on a course using an online system they might well have ended up on the same course  - we want to try and avoid that at all costs.  Our system works well and, while we appreciate it may be a little more involved than some, we stick by it.  Give us a call on 01433 620283 (our office is manned - or womaned - most of the time), email us at info@peakmountaineering.com or send us a message through our online system.  We’ll get back to you, discuss your requirements, suggest the best option and guide you through the simple booking system.

It’s a system that works, a system that delivers the best client/course match….and we’ll stick by it.  We hope you can see why.