Life in the freezer....

25th Jan 2012

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After a great few days of winter skills training I'm having an 'admin' day in our little log cabin near Aviemore.  Outside the window it is calm and mild.

However, like all things in a Scottish winter, it's very easy to be deceived.  Friends that have gone out today are likely to be facing 80 mph winds with a high wind chill factor and higher avalanche risk due to the rise in temperature - but I've no doubt they'll be safe because they've got the knowledge, equipment and skills to look after themselves.

The participants on last weekends 3 day winter skills course had a real taste of the best Scotland can throw at them but I'm confident they headed home more confident about how to enjoy the winter mountains safely.  They certainly left with big smiles on their faces!

We have another busy training course starting this weekend and I've got a rare play day to enjoy tomorrow but for now it's back to the admin.  Scotland in winter really is a great place to be :)