Greetings from Vietnam

30th Nov 2011

A week into my expedition to Vietnam and I can say, without doubt, it's one of the nicest destinations I've visited.  It is a beautiful country and the countryside we've seen already has been brilliant (and I understand the Central Highlands may even top that!).  But it's really the people that make it so special.  Infectious smiles, welcoming open personalities and a passion for their country - it's a hard place to not fall in love with.  So far we've spent time in HoChiMinh City and trekked in Yok Don National Park.  Tomorrow we head to Dalat to access the Central Highlands for a week of trekking.  I can't wait.

Of course any adventure isn't just about the's also about the people you are with.  I'm with a crazy fun loving group of 14 who are just loving the whole experience.  We've got into some crazy situations and met some flamboyant and inspiring people.  Somehow this group just attract people to them with their light hearted natures and get out of any tricky situation with a cheeky smile.  It's turning out to be a real treat of a trip.