Top Tips #8 Coded Wires


*Please note that this tip follows Top Tips #7 which dealt with ideas for the efficient organisation of wires for racking on your harness and finding the right size while leading. You can read that here.

It always helps if you can save time whenever you can on bigger climbs and this tip aims to get your precious metal ware organised in double quick time at stances.  We are assuming you have a significant number of wires (two or more sets) and they are separated onto separate carabiners.

An easy way to distinguish them is to colour code the wires and make a corresponding colour coded carabiner to match.  Then, rather than searching for a DMM Wallnut 4 or a Wild Country Rock 7, all you need to do is put all the reds on the red biner or the blues on the blue.  It’s simple….and it’s genius!  If you want to be even more efficient you can even write the wire sizes on the tape (if you use lighter coloured tape).

This also works really well if your climbing partner isn’t so familiar with wires and can’t easily estimate their sizes or types.  Now, when they reach the stance, you can get the ropes organised and they sort the colours.  Time saved – and maybe you’ll fit another route in!