Top Tips #6 Gloved Clipping


Clipping carabiners when wearing bulky gloves is tricky but there a few ways to make your life a bit easier.  Firstly, choose appropriate hand wear.  Baggy or over insulated gloves or mittens are a nightmare and having a slippery palm and thumb fabric is just as bad.  A snug fitting dextrous glove with grippy material around the digits is the first step to hassle free cold weather clips.

Next, choose carabiners that aren't too small.  We all like nano gram biners but sometimes that weight saving comes at the cost of them being too small for practical winter use.  Choose a mid sized unit for the best compromise between weight saving and clipability (is that a real word?!).

Finally, modifying your clipping action can really help.  Rather than trying to manage the rope in your fingers try hooking the rope over the crook between thumb and fingers as shown in the photos.  It's easier and prevents you dropping the rope when your gloves get slippy and you are clipping that vital piece on some super steep icefall :)