Top Tips #11 Monitoring

An essential part of every first aid kit should be a Casualty Monitoring Card.  This is a vital way of recording patient details as well as a useful prompt to ensure first aiders don't forget any vital information.  It is also vital for recording information gathered through ongoing monitoring and should be used to record information that needs to be passed on to the emergency services.

If you Google casualty evaluation, casualty monitoring, casualty assessment or casualty care cards you will find loads of downloadable ones on offer.  If you want a copy of the one we distribute on our Outdoor First Aid courses you are welcome to download it here

The only problem with most forms is that many are 2 sided and, in our opinion, they mix 2 types of information.  There is the information that should be passed on by someone that goes for help and the information the first aider wants at the scene.  So, our advice is to separate the sheet into separate pages and to carry 2 copies of both sides.  This gives far more flexibility because details can be kept at the scene while essential casualty information can be taken by those seeking help.

Some people laminate the card to stop it getting destroyed by moisture at the accident scene.  Our preferred approach is to print it onto waterproof paper.  This is now widely available and an example we have used extensively is here.  A fine tipped permanent marker should be carried too.  This will write onto the waterproof paper easily.

A lot of first aid is about gathering information.  This is one way to make that easier.