Top Reads #1 First Aid

Pocket First Aid and Wilderness Medicine
The first in the series isn't exactly light reading, but it is a relevant choice seeing as I wrote this while sat in a mountain hut enroute to Kilimanjaro.  As always, this book lived in my duffle bag during the expedition.  It is my essential wing man on every expedition.  Infact, it's my goose of medical handbooks (remember Top Gun?!).  It's 'Pocket First Aid and Wilderness Medicine' by Drs Jim Duff and Peter Gormly.  The book is absolutely perfect for wilderness travel.  Comprehensive in it's scope, pocket sized (easily fits in an expedition first aid box) and it has simple explanations and a common sense layout.
The blurb says both authors are doctors with extensive personal experience as mountaineers and Dr Jim Duff has been involved in mountain rescue.  Both also have lots of experience in teaching wilderness medicine and first aid.  This certainly seems to be the case as it is written with just the right amount of detail for non experts to feel like experts.
Need to know about altitude sickness?  Been stung by a Portuguese Man of War? Want to know what medicines to include in your wilderness medical kit?  Look no further.  This book has it all.  It even has a comprehensive section on prevention techniques.  The book is produced by Cicerone and costs about £9.99.  The ISBN number is 978 1 85284 500 1.