Top Gear #1 North Face Duffel


And the first item on the list is an absolute classic.  The Trojan Horse for so many great adventures.  A piece of kit we rely on for every trip. The humble yet essential duffel bag. Now, of course, there are loads of makes, models and styles of load hauling kit bags out there but there is only one that has led the way for so long.  It may just be a duffel bag but this is the Rolls Royce of duffel bags.  It is our very favourite load hauler.  It is the classic The North Face (TNF) Base Camp Duffel. 

The photo at the top shows one of the original models TNF produced.  It is testament to the quality that this particular bag has just completed it's 31st trip and is still going strong.  No broken zippers, no torn fabric or damaged stitching.  A great product. 

Available in a wide and expanding range of colours (although we think red is the classic choice!) and sizes (they all have their place but we'd say the large hits the target for most adventures).  TNF Base Camp Duffels are built from their legendary 1000 denier TPE fabric with 840 denier ballistic nylon base reinforcement.  All many seams are reinforced, there are removable rucksack style shoulder straps for load hauling, heavy duty zippers, a wide opening D shaped lid flap for easy loading, internal mesh storage pocket and enough handles and daisy chain attachments to allow it to be strapped to everything from mules to vehicles.

TNF Base Camp Duffels certainly aren't the cheapest.....but in our opinion they are by far the best.