Advice Articles

Here's a selection of articles Paul has written on outdoor gear, locations, expeditions, environmental issues, mountain biking or other outdoor related topics.  Some of them support information given out on courses and some are just things that may be of interest to you. 

Paul's articles continue to be sought after by a variety of sources and, although some are written especially for the website, many have been written for outdoor magazines or online sources. To date Paul has written online articles for UKClimbing, UK Hillwalking, Rock Climbing UK, Outdoors Magic and Adventure Eyes.  His articles have also been published in a variety of magazines including Trek and Mountain Magazine, Summit, AMI News, Mountain Rescue Magazine and the Mynydd Journal.  

We hope they are of use and always welcome feedback.  Alternatively, if you want to use an article for publication we are always happy to help - all we ask is that you ask permission beforehand.  You will find that more stuff gets added in the winter months or when Paul's been holed up in a festering hut waiting for decent weather and not much gets added in the summer months or, infact, anytime the weather is good - we think that means we've got the balance about right!